"Experience Mythology Project" :: "Fin Wake Indra Net"

I have landed upon the realization that music is often the ideal way to express the subconscious night dream themes of Finnegans Wake. Sometimes mixed with teaching lessons, playlists of media.  Public Dream opera.

Canadian Professor Marshall McLuhan's 1968 book "War and Peace in the Global Village" is an inspiration for this approach to Finengans Wake + Indra's Net of Gems.

#WWWOpera Playlists that are published: #FinWakeIndraNet 

“While we can all accept that bullying and abuse betray a lack or loss of respect for other human beings, there is a deeper issue: the devaluing of human life; and that in turn indicates a lack or loss of respect for the Giver of human life and dignity, God Himself. The message a bully sends is a mockery of God's handiwork, a lie that slanders God's nature and negates His love for us.” ― Frank E. Peretti, The Wounded Spirit

“History, Stephen said, is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.”

― James Joyce, Ulysses