Earwicker Pub Crawl and Dublin Metaphors of Night Journey of Finnegans Wake Public Dreams crawling Indra's Net of Pearls

Earwicker Pub Crawl is a form of Interactive Fiction deep dive into parallel concept of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake metaphors of monomyth entanglement. A series of YouTube playlists have been created to form a type of Interactive Fiction self-guided journey. Starting at Dusk, transitioning into darkness, slamming into the instantaneous midnight entrance, lingering at the timeless midnight, finding oneself on the start of a new day at the zero hour, with the minutes and choices of playlists that try to amplify the Finnegans Wake experience, the experience of mythology and pondering...  though song, words, juxtaposition, many voices, inspiration of flash mob organizing, to extend Indra's Net of Gems further and further on your own personal waves of media generations of Joyce's Wake, the 1927++ publication, the Marshall McLuhan wild exposition and observations, Peace and end of War, if we can all get a common grip and metaphors on how media generations of classic faith and media venues have shaped humanity - so we can better shape each path into our future... how we can be shocked by hypermodernity that we stumbled into with the smartphone, how can we control the speed and better synchronize our common understanding of medium, venues, content... so that we may all better Climb the Tower of Babel, Tim's Ladder, Indra's interconnected net - to have better choice in the rule-breaking invocation of mercy and compassion - expanding humanity into a super-metaphors common ground of violence-free cage-free betterment, how we can confront the latest advances of information warfare against our very hearts and minds, how we can replace all the pleasures men get from hate and killing with sharing, drink and food, rituals of our own devise, how we can be the flowering of the Pale Blue Dot - how communications can better connect, how we can be the authors of helping hands beyond our jails and prisons and executions, into what we may all imagine and dream as a better path of Public Dream that we all share.