James Joyce's Finnegans Wake merged with Indra's Net of Gems/Jewels. Published 1927 onward... ("Work In Progress" was original name)

#WWWOpera "Landloughed by his neaghboormistress and perpetrified in his offsprung, sabes and suckers, the moaning pipers could tell him to his faceback" - Pied Piper is calling Us - #Thunderwords

The Rivers of #FinnegansWake are streaming 1927 onward

January 4, 2024 published playlist is now the home page! January 4, 2017 is the day WakeReality.com (another Finnegans "Wake" reference) domain name was registered for a new Volume of the World's First WWW Opera! (Click here for what this website is About)

This SHOULD BE a  PlayList of 25  tracks of media....direct link to YouTube PlayList:


#FinWakeIndraNet (Click here for About)

Finnegans Wake + Indra's Net of Gems Public Dream
#WWWOpera Multi-Platform Multi-Media

January 13, 2024

Public House Crawl, Night Hours coming along!

Stephen Alfred Gutknecht, 14th year of ongoing Rolling Release of Opera based on Indra's Net of Gems and James Joyce's Finnegans Wake!

"Mathematical/musical thinkers are pattern thinkers. They think in patterns and they notice patterns in numbers and music. They are often great composers, computer programmers, or chess players."

There is a Menu at the Top of this Web Page, You are Here, Reading Now!  There are dozens of PlayLists to Follow Finnegans Wake Pub Crawl, Public Library Metaphors and University of Toronto's Global MonoMyth tour of Finnegans Wake Opera.  Menus at Top of this Wweb Page....