December 2009 Origins

My Finnegans Wake publishing adventure began in December 2009. I had recently turned age 40 and discovered that my entire life I had autism without knowing what autism was. My 13 year marriage had ended and the Apple iPhone had started to change the entire world.

I had known the significance of media generations from my ZBBS software development days at age 15, where I created from scratch a social media client/server app after coming from social media radio at age 13. The Fortress BBS in 219 was my public presence, and I was involved in clubs and users groups for social media from age 14 onward.  IRL (In Real Life) was a big part of early social media radio and social media BBS systems - as range was limited. For Citizen Band Radio social media, I had a huge base station antenna that was higher than our two-story suburban Fort Wayne home (my mom was in Real Estate) in the shadow of Gerogetwon Square.  With digital BBS systems, my ZBBS client/server app, we relied on modems that operated over POTS telephone lines - and you had to pay long-distance charges to call outside Fort Wayne - so geograhy was local for most.

I graduated high school in 1988, and that summer I watched Bill Moyers interviews for the Power of Myth series on PBS television. My public library had books from Neil Postman and Marshall McLuhan - they were never taught in school - but I wanted to understand media.

Thanssgiving 2009 is when I started to peer ahead, saying it was time to look and start making  big predictions. I had no children, age 40, and I did not want to have children after realizing all of what the autism books and support groups were showing me... so I started to focus on Troubadour Year 1210 learning and the waves of Finnegans Wake - what would the smartphone and inexpensive laptop computers do? I was already seeing North Africa change... and in early 2010 North Africa became a central focus, the emerging Arab Spring of 2010.

I was weeks into publication on social media, already music lyrics were my focus. The #ElectricTorah of Steely Dan was a core focus of my Finnegans Wake + Indra Net project.

December 28, 2009 Facebook post as example... Cowboy hat ("Gaucho" album title)... time to again travel the world. Not just a 2010 "New Years Resolution", but an age 40 to not turn away from the media/medium Interpretation Problem of humanity

December 16, 2009: #WWWOpera first post - 14 Year Anniversary of Social Media Publication and Travels. The calling of the Arab Spring in late 2009, early 2010 - and the tilting Inversion of Levant #MonoMyth...