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About "Fin Wake Indra Net", "Experience Mythology Project", "WWW Opera", "Wake Indra"

"Fin Wake Indra Net", "Experience Mythology Project", "WWW Opera", "Wake Indra", are 4 of the names this education, teaching, and learning multimedia presentation goes by.  "Wake Reality" is the umbrella term I use for the my behind the scene organization.  References to "Wake" are direct to year 1927 onward publication of Irish writer James Joyce's book Finnegans Wake.

"Truth is one, the sages speak of it by many names” - Ṛig Veda 1/164/46

FinWakeIndraNet is a multimedia presentation on the topic of media literacy, interpretation of art metaphors, cross-culture translation of religion, and media ecology. It is presented as clips and references, think Microsoft PowerPoint / collage art mashup. The concepts and presentation center around the use of Rock Music (and other styles) and ideas from the following books and teachers:

As you likely already suspect, this is about complexity. Indra's Net of Gems and Jewels is a metaphor for a new way of thinking about the Internet's "World Wide Web", and is also a core concept merged with Finnegans Wake, hence the most common name I use is "Fin Wake Indra Net". Indra's Net concept goes back far before the Internet and 1927 Finnegans Wake, and Joyce's work

The WWW Oprea, Fin Wake Indra Net, is presented on this website as a series of YouTube playlists that contain a series of songs and educational videos centered around the metaphors and themes of James Joyce's 1927 onward publication of Finnegans Wake book. It is intended for self-paced study and invites the viewer to locate song lyrics and listen closely to the poetry and words of both Finnegans Wake and the songs presented in the opera.  It could very well take hundred of hours of study and learning, but it is well worth it because at heart - it connects an individual to media ecology of the entire world. (On the sister website, IndraJāla - there is a page about how this is "Not Entertainment", but learning can be entertaining and fun with he right attitude.)

I stated this project with personal commitment back in December 2009. I started professionally in electronic media systems at age 15 back i high school in 1985. I developed and commercially sold a social media system for 8-bit personal computers, and hosted a social media hangout for the public in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have since traveled the world and studied Internet revolutions first hand. In 2009, I shared my observations and collage art of my research on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. I experimented for years with Interactive Fiction storytelling development, but ultimately found incorporation material from teachers and songs to be too difficult. In 2023 started to shift towards the YouTube playlists that are now the core of the site you are on, WakeIndra.com, and sister website IndraJāla .

About WakeIndra.com website, Fin Wake Indra Net, Experience Mythology Project in YouTube videos of concepts:

Direct Link to this "About Wake Indra" YouTube PlayList: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcYhoGnK9I9SfnNwyEJt9SMeLsOo_mlMx