Great Seal of the United States of America, year 1776 - World Wide Web of Mythology Metaphors

Joseph Campbell, 1986: "This is a scholarly attempt to reconstruct an order of initiation that would result in spiritual revelation. These founding fathers who were Masons actually studied what they could of Egyptian lore. In Egypt, the pyramid represents the primordial hillock. After the annual flood of the Nile begins to sink down, the first hillock is symbolic of the reborn world. That's what this seal represents."

"That moved not only the people who drew that [Great] Seal [of the United States of America], but the entire philosophy the early republic was based upon. And how utterly deplorable and regrettable and terrible it is that all of this has been virtually totally forgotten by our days. [] The American People have held in their very hands, handed to them by people like Franklin and Jefferson and all kinds of others one of the most splendid treasures of spiritual philosophy - applicable to all manner of human purposes. And we have discarded it. And we are running around like beggars, the world over, picking up crumbs from every kind of anarchists, Marxists, this thing, fascists, this thing that thing, all over the world. All of which, put together, could never come close to the psychological spiritual wisdom that was given to us to begin with... and that we have simply forgotten about and thrown away. And how incredibly unfortunate and terrible this is. And, I know for a fact, that Joseph Campbell feels this very very keenly." -- Stephan A. Hoeller, 1986